J’adore Brunch?

With giant almond lattes and vegan power matcha with chia yoghurt we learn the secret to the perfect brunch by Louise Wellby

A born and bred Fulham girl, I’m watchful and intrigued by changes in the area. I love exploring the many different faces of Fulham like The Fulham Road which has plenty of character, one particular patch between Fulham and South Kensington has always stood out to me. It was a pleasant surprise to happen upon Le Pain Quotidien, nestled between a row of small shops, cafes and a bookshop on the Fulham Road, close to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Although part of the Le Pain Quotidien family, this one deftly avoids feeling like any kind of replica. On arrival you are assailed with delicious aromas of fresh bread and pastries, it feels as if you are entering a traditional boulangerie. It is a beacon of warmth with a very versatile menu, offering plenty of alternatives for gluten free, vegetarian and vegan customers. I was impressed to see sweet potato hummus, guacamole, vegan power matcha and chia yoghurt, avocado toast and other hot dishes, salads and sides options. Choose almond milk in your coffee for no extra cost.

If you come alone, I’d recommend the window seat. If you’re with friends, follow the charming hostess to a central or corner table. We were welcomed and seated very warmly, the atmosphere laid back and carefree, and yet suitable for many scenarios from a close friend tete-a-tete to a business meeting.

My old school friend and I have many memories growing up in Fulham, Putney and Chelsea, so we love to meet up and natter in the area. I started with a Fresh Green Juice, zingy and revitalising, and my friend a coffee served in a bowl(!), I like that you simply have to put your hands around it and breathe it in, huge and warming. After deliberating over the sumptuous sounding gluten free organic porridge and organic coconut granola, I went for organic scrambled eggs with grilled mushrooms and sourdough toast. My friend opted for baked eggs with salmon with an additional generous side of avocado.

Almond Lattes

After attempting a gentle nibbling-whilst-talking pace, we both wolfed our meals down. Full of fresh, organic fare, we squeezed in a bowl of fresh fruit salad to cleanse the palate and to complete our brunch. I peeked at the lunchtime and evening menus too, hot wintry stews, salads and tartines, as well as all day sharing plates, soup and amazing bread and pastry treats, it even features organic milk ‘n broken cookies for kids (and big kids too). And let us not forget the Belgian Style hot choc, a cold season must order indulgence (served up for you to DIY with a little jug of chocolate to pour into your warm milk).

Plates cleared away, bellies full and brains whirring into action, we parted ways. I stayed behind to soak up the atmosphere and scribbled a few lyrics and notes before heading off, ready at last to step back onto the Fulham Road and London pace of life.

Le Pain Quotidien, 212 Fulham Road, SW10 9PJ
0203 823 4510

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