March Foodie News

This month we explore everything from the best places to go to a new beautiful Italian to Tudor Cookery and the top cook books to buy

Love Italian
Bella Italia, a fun and family friendly restaurant, has opened in Colliers Wood. It serves up proper pizzas, beautiful pasta dishes, flavoursome fresh salads and sharing boards all filled with the fresh and delicious taste of the Mediterranean.
Unit 13, Tandem Centre, Colliers Wood, SW19 2TY

King Henryøs great Tudor kitchens swing back into action with a series of live cookery events to run throughout the year. Our food historians and archaeologists will once again be experimenting with Tudor recipes, utensils and cooking methods. See for event dates. News Team International 24.03.2004. Picture by Richard Lea-Hair.

Hampton Court Tudor Kitchens
This month the fires are being lit and the kitchens at Hampton Court are beginning to be filled with all the ingredients needed to make authentic Tudor food. From Good Friday to Easter Monday the kitchens will be ready for
visitors to step back in time and see what and how the best dishes served and made during the reign of Henry VIII.

The Tudor Cook Book by Terry Breverton
Enjoy a book filled with historical food facts and dishes perfect for history and baking fans. Discover Anne Boleyn’s
favourite drink, what pies Henry VIII loved to enjoy and so much more. The book is packed with more than 400 recipes, periodmanuals and illustrations.
Amberley Publishing £9.99

Bee's Brilliant Biscuits Cover

Cookbook of the Month
A biscuit is a simple but exquisite pleasure. If you love biscuits, you need to pick up a copy of Bee’s Brilliant Biscuits – the biscuit Holy Grail. Bee who trained as microbiologist gave it up for a sweeter biscuit-filled life and regularly features on Jamie Oliver’s website. Her book is full of fab recipes, including gluten and dairy free avocado
chocolate cookies and her signature Jammie Dodgers.
Pavilion Books £12.99

By Sisley White

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