Pick up a Cookbook

We explore two cookbooks from Eric Lanlard and River Cottage perfect for inspiring you in all you create in the kitchen and all you enjoy to eat.

Afternoon tea
Eric Lanlard our favourite Cakeboy is releasing a stunning new book this month filled with 80 of the best recipes and tips for a perfect afternoon tea. As well as all the recipes you’d ever want Eric creates six themed seasonal and event menus, making planning a delicious tea with friends or family an easy affair. With chapters on macarons, tarts, sandwiches, scones, cakes, patisserie and biscuits, this book will be your afternoon tea bible. Mitchell Beazley £20

Fresh & Gluten Free

River Cottage
The River Cottage Gluten Free cookbook by Naomi Devlin is an amazing inspiration to those who love food and want to enjoy special homemade meals every day. The added bonus of it containing entirely gluten-free recipes is a great way to show that gluten free doesn’t mean hard to make, boring or tasteless. Filled with 120 recipes for every occasion, season and event this cookbook will help and inspire you in all you cook. Bloomsbury £20

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