Foodstock Summer 16

The month sees the inaugural Foodstock in Battersea Park, a celebration of local food and drink. Jon Watt whets his appetite with a tasty preview

Many of us are too young to remember Woodstock, those three days of hippy peace and love that changed rock and roll forever 47 years ago. But the legacy lives on and will be revived in Battersea Park this month – if not exactly in displays of free love and tie dye, then in name (with a slight tweak).

Battersea Foodstock is a two-day festival of food, drink and music in the heart of the park. The event is being put on by Enable Events which has pulled in several familiar local faces to help them out.

Foodstock Battersea 2The Marshmellowist

By providing the bar, Sambrook’s Brewery is continuing to fill the giant shoes left vacant when Young’s left the borough and for its founder, Duncan Sambrook, the decision to be a part of this new festival was a simple one. ‘Sambrook’s has been successful thanks to the incredible support of the local community and we really enjoy being part of these events. People are very conscious of where their food and beverages are sourced and so events like this that celebrate the talent and variety on our doorstep are wonderful. We feel that Foodstock is an excellent and valuable addition to the summer festival calendar. It’s everything that we at Sambrook’s love – in one big weekend of frivolity.’

Foodstock Battersea 3Sambrook’s Brewery

Sambrook’s Beer tent will showcase a huge range of cask and keg beers from locally sourced brewers to convert the most sceptical non-beer enthusiast. With more than 25 breweries and 50 different beers it’s practically a beer festival all of its own.

There will also be tastings, beer school and other entertainments with Head Brewer Sean Knight. ‘We love getting involved in all sort of events in our area,’ explains Sambrook’s Adrian Lugg, ‘and we’re hoping this will be a partnership that can continue for years to come’.

Foodstock Battersea 5
La Boqueria

The music will centre on the park’s famous bandstand, which was built along with the rest of Battersea Park between 1855 and 1857. The bandstand has been given a new lease of life recently, with numerous events being held on the site, including Live at the Bandstand the previous weekend, and Balham’s Bedford Arms is to provide a nonstop programme of live Summer-Folk music for Foodstock.

There’s also children’s entertainment from local boys Sharky & George, including cooking classes for kids and their usual brand of organised mayhem. There will be further demonstrations and workshops for adults as well, covering everything from cooking classes to cocktail mixing.

Foodstock Battersea 4The Bedford Pub

If you’re not up for making your own food then the food village will have more local offerings from Butcher and Grill, and Crab and Bap among others.

In the spirit of Time & Leisure’s own Food and Drink Awards, Battersea’s Foodstock seeks to celebrate all the great local produce from across the borough and south west London; bringing the community together to relax, listen to some good music, eat, drink and be merry. Put like that it doesn’t sound too different from Woodstock after all – perhaps we should dig out that tie dye…

Foodstock Battersea 6Sharky & George

Food Stock: Two days of food, drink and music Saturday 30 July, 12-noon to 8pm; Sunday 31 July, 12-noon to 7pm
British Genius Site, Battersea Park, SW8 4NW For tickets visit,

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