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Deciding what food mood you’re in is one thing but if you’ve then got to deliberate when and where…you’re hangry before you know it. ‘Hangry’ definition: (han-gree) adj – when you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry. I know that if I’m not fed and watered then I’m not my magic self so what’s the solution? I have three top tips: don’t wait too long in between meals, make time to plan the perfect snack and make quick food-smart decisions!

At food & flavour  we’re here to help you through the hangry. We’re ready to hunt down all the ‘in-food-mation’ you will need across south west London and Surrey. With our group of happy helpers including our edible Time & Leisure Editors, our local chef heroes, our blissful bakers and a fair few of our favourite foodie bloggers – we’ve got the area covered. From deliciously different recipes and raving food reviews to interviews and reports on food festivals, events and spotlights on foodie destinations, whatever the occasion we’ll scoop up all your favourite flavours.

Happy eating,

A note from the Editor, Sophie Kalinauckas



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