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medicine garden

Blid/Hatton Gatherings is a new concept in dining based in the heart of The Medicine Garden, Cobham and worth a visit says Laura Scott

If you haven’t visited this place before, think of Petersham Nurseries but set in Surrey. Everything about the setting is tasteful, beautiful and a stylist’s dream. Stunning plants are intermingled amongst ageing wrought iron furniture. Splashes of colour from The Art Shed and wafts of scent from the gorgeous gift shops. There is so much to move about this place but not enough people know about it and that includes new foodie partnership Blid/Hatton Gatherings. Maddie Hatton, self taught chef with a background in photography (their Instagram feed is stunning) decided to set up a business with Helga Blid-Martinsson, a friend, with a background
in fashion communications. Together they took on the converted seed shed in The Medicine Garden and have established a creative space from which they host supper clubs, food workshops, private parties and events.

Maddie was born in Surrey but raised in France and comes from a foodie family. Helga is from Sweden and also shares a love of food so between them they have a range of influences ranging from Middle eastern flavours and spices, a Mediterranean emphasis on using the best of seasonal ingredients with a nod to Sweden and the Scandi food scene. I went along to meet Maddie and Helga at their food studio and asked them a few questions about what’s in store for the rest of the Blid/Hatton gatherings this year.


How long have you been working together?
Actually not that long. We have been friends for a few years but only got this site up and running in march this year so we are still relative newcomers to the area and this is our first time working together a professional capacity. So far, we have had a very positive response to what we are doing, which is encouraging.

How would you describe your style of cooking?
Our style of cooking is a celebration of food. We want all of our supper club guests to have a good time and enjoy food as much as we do ourselves. I would say our style of cooking and entertaining is rather informal and relaxed. We want our guest to feel at ease and to be able to get to know each other in a friendly yet well put together evening.

Who influences you?
The chef who I am most influence by at the moment is Skye Gyngell, who runs Spring restaurant at Somerset house. Her cook book is an inspiration to me and she has a very distinct style which is based upon using the very best ingredients cooked well and presented in a modern fresh manner with an understated yet utterly talented style that is instantly recognisable as her own.


Have you got any upcoming events you would like to share with us over the summer months?
We have several supper clubs lined up which are held on Friday and Saturday nights until we take a little break in August. As well as the supper clubs we also run food workshops on a number of foodie topics. We also have guest appearances from other local talented chefs such as Bake with Jack, an artisan bread instructor and bang on trend fermentation classes run by Fooder & Plonk. We keep our site regularly updated with the latest workshops. We also cater for private events and hire out our food studio for parties and gatherings for a range of different occasions.

What does the future hold for you?
We are going to focus on building up our brand. We would love to spread the word about what we do to a wider audience and also to keep building on our workshops, supper clubs and private events. We are very much in the early stages of our business but we are loving every minute of it and will continue to keep cooking, enjoying food and spreading our love of the enjoyment a good meal can bring. I’ll celebrate to that.


You can find them on Instagram: blidandhatton

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