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food&flavour checked out  three super picnics ready to pick up from local restaurants perfect for a day in the sun


August is the time for picnics and what could be better than having the whole meal prepared for you and ready to pick up from a local restaurant  ready for you to take on your travels. What is so great about the picnic from Carluccio’s, apart from the food itself, is that you only need to book it a few hours ahead to pick up.

Carluccio's picnic 1
The picnic hamper from Carluccio’s was a spectacular feast and a treat to take out on a picnic with the family. The range, quantity and quality of food was impressive and well thought out. The flavours of each dish were delicious on their own but worked well to make a huge buffet style picnic spread. The range of food in the picnic served the family well with young picky eaters enjoying the focaccia, chicken and the cake while the adults able to enjoy a grown up sophisticated meal in the sunshine.

Carluccio's picnic 2

The dishes were individually packed up into containers and presented in a lovely cool bag with ice pack inside both reusable for future picnics. For only £45 the picnic seems like a bargain especially as it can feed 4 people comfortably. The delicious food you get will make the amount entirely affordable to make a picnic, family outing or concert a really special occasion.

In the picnic was a beautiful double portion of antipasti filled with thin slices of chorizo and salami with olives, two large slices of focaccia, brushetta, chicken salad, goats cheese salad with beetroot and asparagus. For pudding we had two large slices of strawberry and pistachio cake with a traditional fig role.

We would always recommend adding a bottle of prosecco to make the picnic extra special.



Kupp Picnic

KuPP the Scandi inspired casual eatery has recently introduced their own picnics filled with Scandinavian treats. The T&L office were thrilled about the quality, the beauty and taste of the food from KuPP. It was a super exciting picnic lunch filled with cold cuts and superb salads.

Kupp picnic 3

There was smoked salmon, potato salad, a super summer heritage tomatoes salad served with beetroot. There was also homemade chorizo sausage rolls and smoked pork meatballs. There is also a vegetarian option which includes trendy smashed avocado & soft boiled eggs. It was a great selection and the size of the portions would make it a great individual picnic box or to open up and share.

Kupp picnic Kupp picnic 2
Along with the beautifully fresh salads there was also a beautiful range of breads and the office adored these. Really fresh and crusty bread made that day and served with fresh slightly salted butter, it was a wonderful addition to our office picnic.



PAUL picnic

The picnic bag from Paul was a lovely and was a bit more relaxed and personalised than the other picnics. It consisted of two sandwiches which you can pick in store, two drinks, two packets of crisps and a box of mini macarons.

Paul picnic 1

It came in a lovely cool bag which even included a very cute red and white table cloth to enjoy your French treats on. The Paul picnic is simple and works really well for a last minute picnic where you want delicious and well prepared food. Being able to pick in store which sandwiches you wants cut out the potential problem of someone not liking their lunch and made the picnic a lot of fun as we all had exactly what we wanted. The mozzarella, lettuce, tomato and pesto sandwich was delicious and the olive bread it was in made it a real treat. Our second sandwich was the Coppa ham, Comté cheese, olive paste with lettuce and tomato. Although perfect individual portions we decided to chop up the sandwiches and enjoy a bit of everything while sitting in the sunshine. The sandwiches are always good at Paul and the raspberry, caramel, chocolate, coconut, lemon and pistachio flavoured macaroons added a super sweet treat to our afternoon in the sunshine.

Paul picnic 2

For £20 for 2 this picnic was delicious, affordable and brilliantly convenient for a summer day when the weather is perfect for a picnic and you need to pick up a picnic in your dash to the park with friends to enjoy the sunshine.


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