Star-Quality Cooking

We speak to newly Michelin-starred Adam Byatt, of Trinity Restaurant in Clapham Common and he reveals what he’ll be having Christmas Day

Congratulations on your Michelin star for the 2017 Michelin Guide, you must be so chuffed?

Achieving it at Trinity after being here for ten years is a fantastic achievement, but more importantly it’s brilliant for south London, it’s brilliant for the local community and it’s brilliant for the people who have been my loyal customers and supported me.

Will it change your approach to Trinity at all?

We’re not going to become a different restaurant or change what we do. The great thing about being a long-standing restaurant and being endorsed in this way is it just puts the icing on the cake for us, really. We’re just really proud and incredibly enthused by what the future holds for us.

And what are you going to be eating for Christmas this year?

I always eat prawn cocktail as a starter on Christmas Day and have a side of Moxon’s smoked salmon, which we first have for breakfast with scrambled eggs, and then later serve as a canapé with late- morning champagne.

What about Christmas Eve?

I always eat kedgeree on Christmas Eve. It’s the ideal Christmas Eve dish for me – it’s everything that I’m not going to be eating for the next few days, and it’s simple, delicious and light. What makes the ultimate Christmas pudding? A brilliant Christmas pudding can live or die by the quality of the mincemeat used. For truly great mincemeat, there needs to be plenty of alcohol and time to allow the pudding to mature.

Where is your favourite Christmas dining spot in south west London?

I don’t dine out much during December and tend to cook across the holiday period, but I did have a great New Year’s Eve dinner at May the Fifteenth last year. It was the perfect celebratory meal.

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