Ginger and Chocolate Plait

Excerpted from GBBO winner Candice Brown’s new Cookbook: “It’s safe to say I have had a love/hate relationship with chocolate bread but this, rich in chocolate and cinnamon, with the fieriness of ginger, has restored my faith in chocolate loveliness in all its plaited splendour. My Grandad loved crystallised ginger and we used to laugh as … read more

Orange and Hibiscus Madeleines

The Great British Bake Off  winner Candice Brown comes up with the ultimate sandwich box treat. “I love France, everything and anything French, and j’adore Paris! I first tried madeleines on a school trip to France and loved the simplicity of them along with a bowl of hot chocolate. Now when I make them, they … read more

The ‘South Side Swizzler’

Popular bar and eaterie, Balans, have just opened their seventh branch in Clapham, with late-opening hours on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. In honour of the opening, they created a new cocktail called ‘South Side Swizzler’; we asked them to reveal the recipe for you to enjoy at home.

Tantalising Tiramisu

Emulate ‘la dolce vita’ with this sumptuous tiramisu recipe from leading local chef, Katharine Eldridge, who runs the Surrey-based Quince House Cookery School.  This classic Italian dessert – literally meaning “pick me up” – is an uplifting blend of Marsala, espresso coffee, mascarpone cheese and chocolate; yum!

Ken Hom’s Egg Fried Rice

Egg fried rice is common in Chinese restaurants and is probably the best known and most popular Chinese dish, at least in the West. The secret is cold cooked rice and a very hot wok. It is simple, quick and easy to make. Remember that authentic fried rice should have a wonderful smoky taste and … read more